Legislative Report
(18 November 2010)

Real Growth, Real Opportunity

Saskatchewan is increasingly being recognized as a great place to live, work, and do business. Our government is taking action to ensure that recognition continues to grow. We have announced a three-year TV, online and print marketing campaign featuring real stories, told by real people, about why they have chosen to do business in Saskatchewan or move here to start a career.

More than ever before, Saskatchewan is top of mind for people and investors across Canada and around the world. Our government estimates that over the next five years Saskatchewan will need nearly 80,000 skilled people in the workforce to meet rising demands. This is an opportunity to show the rest of the world that Saskatchewan is not just a place to be, but the place to be. For more information, check information on the “Real Growth, Real Opportunity” campaign,

Safety and Security

New growth means new challenges. Safety and security for Saskatchewan families is one of them. Our government is taking further steps to meet that challenge. We have introduced legislation which will permit the recording of telephone conversations made by inmates in our correctional facilities. Authorized corrections personnel will also be able to listen to suspicious calls. In addition, the new system will have the ability to block telephone numbers, so that victims and the public can be protected from unwanted or harassing phone calls. Telephone monitoring is another way to cut down on criminal activity in our correctional facilities, preventing it from spreading to local communities.

Early Learning

Early learning is an important investment in our most precious resource – our children. Research shows Prekindergarten programs have a positive impact on child development, early literacy and student achievement, which is why we recently announced 18 new Prekindergarten programs in nine Saskatchewan communities. There are now 230 Pre-k programs across Saskatchewan, benefiting approximately 3,680 children.

Enhancing Our Natural Image

Saskatchewan is known around the world for its natural beauty. Preserving that beauty for current and future generations is important. To that end, our government has provided the Saskatchewan Regional Parks Association with a $515,000 grant as part of our government’s commitment to provide regional parks with $2.4 million over four years. Qualifying member regional parks will match or exceed the grant money and then use those funds to upgrade services such as campsites, buildings, playgrounds and golf courses. By supporting regional parks, we are helping to make Saskatchewan an even better place to live and visit.

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