Legislative Report
(1 September 2010)

Provincial Budget on Track

This year’s provincial budget remains on track, despite unprecedented severe weather earlier this summer. According to the recently released First Quarter Financial Report, compensation for wide-spread flood damage increased this year’s expenses by at least $161.7 million. The good news is that these unexpected costs will be offset by increased revenue of $194.9 million, mainly due to higher-than-budgeted Crown land sales as the result of increased interest in Saskatchewan's oil industry. The bottom line is that our government’s 2010-11 budget remains on track despite of some of the worst summer weather our province has ever seen.

Reduced Surgical Wait Times

As part of our government’s commitment to reduce surgical wait times, people from across the province will now be able to have certain surgeries performed at a private surgical centre in Regina. The Regina Qu'Appelle Health Region has started booking patients for dental surgery and knee arthroscopy procedures at Omni Surgery Centre. These procedures will be publically provided and publically funded, so patients will not be required to pay for services and no one will be allowed to jump the queue. This will also free operating room time in our hospitals for more complex day and in-patient surgeries.


Potash is a resource that belongs to the people of Saskatchewan. Potash revenues help fund important services like healthcare and education. With the recent takeover bid for the Potash Corporation of Saskatchewan making national and international headlines, our government is committed to ensuring our resource will continue to provide predictable and secure revenues to our province, over the long haul. We are also committed to guaranteeing the maximum in employment benefits to Saskatchewan families, while balancing the need to build on our efforts to make Saskatchewan attractive to investment.

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