Legislative Report
(18 August 2010)

Increased Support for People with Autism

Ensuring Saskatchewan people with autism and their families enjoy the highest quality of life is a priority for our government. In this year’s budget, we committed to $2.5 million in new funding to support them. This week, we announced that money would be used to fund a three-year pilot project to enhance frontline services for children and youth, respite care, seasonal programming and the development of a training program for those working with autistic people. The new money is in addition to the supports that already exist for autism services in the health, education, and social services system.

Tobacco Ban in Schools and on School Grounds

Our government is also taking action to protect the health of our most valuable resource: our children. Legislation that prohibits all tobacco use in schools and on school grounds is now in effect. Not only will this new legislation protect our young people from the harmful effects of tobacco smoke, but our hope is also that it will reduce the use of tobacco among our young people. The next stage of this new legislation, the prohibition of smoking in vehicles when children under the age of 16 are present, is expected to come into effect October 1st.

Rider Plates

Roughrider fans are taking advantage of the latest way to show off their Rider Pride. Just three months ago, football fans across the province were given the opportunity to adorn their vehicles with official Roughrider licence plates. Since then, SGI has received over 12,000 orders for the Green and White plates, resulting in a profit of about $325,000 for the Saskatchewan Roughrider Football Club. Rider Pride truly does live here and, once again, Rider Nation has proven that they are the world’s greatest fans. You can purchase a Rider plate from any SGI motor licence issuer throughout the province for $50 plus GST. Fans can also purchase a duplicate plate to display on the front of their vehicle for an additional $20 plus GST. For those wanting a more personalized licence plate, there will be an additional charge of $75 plus GST. For more information on ordering Rider licence plates, go to the SGI website.

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