Legislative Report
(20 May 2010)

Spring Session Accomplishments

Our third consecutive balanced budget and improving economy were the highlights of the spring legislative session. The stronger economy and reduced government spending resulted in our government delivering a balanced budget that focused on important government services like health, education and infrastructure. After a bit of a slowdown in 2009, there are now clear signs that Saskatchewan’s economy is headed in the right direction. Our population hit an all-time high during the spring session, employment is up by nearly 9,000 and housing starts are up over 200 per cent.

Our government also moved forward with a number of new initiatives during the spring session, including:

  • A plan to shorten surgical wait times;
  • A pilot project that will see 100 new long-term care spaces created in Saskatoon;
  • The New West Partnership between Saskatchewan, Alberta and British Columbia which creates an economic powerhouse of nine million people with a combined economy of over $550 million;
  • Six new school projects, 235 additional childcare spaces and 18 pre-kindergarten programs in several communities throughout the province;
  • SaskTel announced high speed internet service in 79 more communities; and
  • The Ministry of Highways announced over 2,000 kilometres of highway upgrades and maintenance work.
The NDP, meanwhile, offered Saskatchewan people no new ideas or positive policy alternatives. Their leader, Dwain Lingenfelter, hit a new low during the final weeks of session when he called the Premier a “thief.” All Lingenfelter and his MLAs do is fling mud.

Saskatchewan people are sick and tired of Lingenfelter’s old-school attack-style politics – his approval ratings are dropping like a rock and his behaviour is the reason why.

Unlike the NDP, Saskatchewan people are positive and optimistic. Our government will continue to take action that reflects that positive outlook as we move our province forward.

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