Legislative Report
(11 February 2010)

Potash Sale To China

We received some good news this week regarding potash sales. Canpotex, the organization that markets potash for three Saskatchewan producers, announced a sale of 350,000 tonnes of Canadian potash to Sinofert, China’s largest fertilizer enterprise. This is a welcome development for our economy given the potash challenges we faced last year. While we are hopeful this is a sign of things to come, it is too early in the year to project the total impact this news will have on Saskatchewan. Regardless, we are planning for another balanced budget in 2010-2011, and we will continue to take action to move Saskatchewan forward.

Asian Interest in Our Oil and Gas

China and Japan are also showing significant interest in Saskatchewan’s oil industry. During recent seminars hosted in Beijing by Energy and Resources Minister Bill Boyd, there was so much interest additional sessions were added. More than 150 people representing 75 companies and organizations attended the seminars. Significant follow up from Chinese companies is expected and representatives from our government will be supporting those companies as they consider Saskatchewan as an investment opportunity.

Saskatchewan at the Winter Olympics

Saskatchewan is already shining at the 2010 Winter Olympics, and the games have only just begun. Our pavilion is getting a lot of attention. You can follow Saskatchewan’s presence at the games online. The site is a portal to our pavilion and includes such content as videos, pictures, blogs and Facebook and Twitter. It’s about telling the Saskatchewan story and letting people back home see and feel proud of our province’s presence at the games.

Low Unemployment Rate Continues

Judging from the latest employment numbers, Saskatchewan remains one of the best places to live and work in Canada. We continue to have the lowest unemployment rate in the country, at 4.7 per cent, which is well below the national rate of 8.3 per cent. More people are working in Saskatchewan, earnings are up, our population is higher than ever and our province’s economy is expected to lead the country in growth this year. Our government is committed to taking action to ensure Saskatchewan remains a leader.

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