Legislative Report (31 July 2008)

Surplus Funds Go To Debt Reduction

We have been asking the people of Saskatchewan what we should do with the benefits of growth. So far you have told us your priorities are debt reduction, investing more in infrastructure and tax reductions. We hear you and we are taking action. The First Quarter financial report reflects a $3.1 billion surplus, mainly due to increased resource revenue. Half of that will go to debt reduction, bringing to $2.2 billion the amount our government has committed to debt reduction since taking office. In just eight months, your Saskatchewan Party government has committed to reducing the $6.8 billion debt by almost a third. We have also committed a further $1.5 billion into the Growth and Financial Security fund, which could be used for potential infrastructure investments and tax reductions. Our government is taking action now to ensure all Saskatchewan people benefit from the province’s growing prosperity.


In a testament to the strength of the Saskatchewan economy, Canada’s largest food distribution company has decided to build a huge distribution facility just west of Regina. Loblaw Companies Limited credits both our government and the City of Regina for helping to create the atmosphere that allowed this to happen. The 1,000,000 square foot Western Canadian distribution centre will eventually employ up to 1,500 people and accommodate 1,400 trucks per week. Construction is expected to start in the fall.


As summer progresses, so does our government’s fulfillment of its record-setting commitment to highway improvement. As part of the $1 billion Ready for Growth fund announced in the spring budget, our government dedicated $513 million to transportation infrastructure improvements. Numerous projects are underway across the province, including work on major corridors such as the TransCanada and Highway 11 between Saskatoon and Prince Albert. Remember to slow down to 60 kilometres an hour and use caution when approaching and travelling through construction zones. For further details regarding ongoing construction, maintenance activities and advisory reports, motorists may view interactive maps online here or call 1-888-335-7623.


Through debt reduction, working with potential investors and road improvements, our government is taking positive steps to sustain economic momentum and share the benefits of growth with all the people of Saskatchewan. With that being said, we want to know what else we should we be doing. Tell your MLA what your priorities are, or make a submission on-line at www.skcaucus.com by clicking on “Sharing the Benefits.” The deadline for all submissions is September 1, 2008.

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