Heritage Resources

Saskatchewan has 40 Provincial Heritage Properties and about 750 Municipal Heritage Properties. There are 30 heritage properties in Saskatoon that can be accessed in the directory above. Following are links to a number of important local and provincial heritage associations:


  1. Saskatoon Branch of the SGS
  2. City of Saskatoon Archives
  3. University of Saskatchewan Archives
  4. Local History Room (Saskatoon Public Library)
Provincial Links
  1. Saskatchewan Settlement Experience
  2. Saskatchewan Homestead Index
  3. Saskatchewan Executive and Legislative Directory
  4. Saskatchewan News Index, 1884 to 2004
  5. Architectural Heritage Society of Saskatchewan
  6. Saskatchewan Archaelogical Society
  7. Nature Saskatchewan
  8. Saskatchewan Heritage Foundation
  9. Saskatchewan GenWeb
  10. Saskatchewan Genealogical Society (SGS)
  11. Saskatchewan History and Folklore Society
  12. Rural History and Culture Association of Saskatchewan
  13. Federation of Saskatchewan Indian Nations (FSIN)
  14. Virtual Museum of Métis History and Culture
  15. Société historique de la Saskatchewan
  16. Multicultural Council of Saskatchewan
  17. Saskatchewan Organization for Heritage Languages (SOHL)
  18. Ukrainian Canadian Congress
  19. Doukhobor Genenealogy Website

Other Provinces and National

  1. National Historic Sites (Parks Canada)
  2. Peel's Prairie Provinces (University of Alberta)
  3. Canadian Genealogy Centre (Library and Archives Canada)
  4. Canadian Heritage Information Network (CHIN)