Libraries and Archives

Local Resources

  1. Saskatoon Public Library
  2. Cliff Wright Branch Library
  3. City of Saskatoon Archives
  4. University of Saskatchewan Archives
  5. University of Saskatchewan Library, Special Collections
  6. Local History Room (Saskatoon Public Library)

Provincial Links

  1. Saskatchewan Libraries
  2. Saskatchewan Library Directory
  3. Saskatchewan Library Association
  4. Saskatchewan Legislative Library
  5. Saskatchewan Archives Board
  6. Directory of Archives in Saskatchewan
  7. Saskatchewan Council of Archives and Archivists
  8. Saskatchewan Archival Information Network (SAIN)
  9. City of Saskatoon Archives
  10. University of Saskatchewan Archives
  11. University of Saskatchewan Library, Special Collections
  12. Local History Room (Saskatoon Public Library)
  13. City of Regina Archives, Heritage and History
  14. Regina Public Library
  15. University of Regina Archives and Special Collections
  16. Saskatchewan Publishers Group
  17. Saskatchewan Book Awards

National and International

  1. Library and Archives Canada
  2. Canadian Archival Information Network
  3. Canadian Library Association
  4. Library of Parliament
  5. Historica Canada
  6. Association of Canadian Archivists
  7. Canadian Council of Archives
  8. Glenbow Museum Archives
  9. Hudson's Bay Company Archives
  10. Canadian Architectural Archives (University of Calgary)
  11. National Archives and Records Administration - NARA (United States)
  12. American Library Association
  13. Library of Congress
  14. Smithsonian