Legislative Report (7 February 2008)

Saskatchewan Economy Red Hot

“Saskatchewan is on a roll.”
Premier Brad Wall, 2008 SUMA Convention, Feb 4, 2008

The atmosphere was pretty electric at the opening of the Saskatchewan Urban Municipalities Association annual convention this past Monday in Regina. The premier was the keynote speaker. And described our province’s red-hot economy with words including “amazing,” “momentum,” and “growth.” We are number one in:

  • wholesale trade growth
  • Retail sales growth
  • New vehicle sales growth
  • Income growth
  • New home construction growth
  • Overall construction growth
  • Population growth
Residential construction is up a whopping 76% over the past year. New homes are being built at a record rate. More and more people plan to call Saskatchewan home for years to come.

That kind of growth can also mean headaches. With construction through the roof, the crunch is on to find land. But your Saskatchewan Party government is doing what it can to help. For example, towns and cities will soon to able to access $300 million in five-year interest free loans to help develop the infrastructure to meet the demands of new residential and commercial lots. I can’t think of a better investment.


Free is always good, right? When it’s free and protects you when you’re buying a vehicle it’s even better. SGI has introduced a free online Saskatchewan Damage Claims History search. Now you can check a vehicle’s history of damage claims, in Saskatchewan, all the way back to January 1, 1998. You can also find out the vehicle’s most recent registration expiry date, and if it’s been given a status. What I mean by status is if it’s been rebuilt, stolen, non-repairable or a total loss. It’s all about making buying a used vehicle less stressful.


And a bit of Saskatchewan hit the Lone Star state this week. Your Saskatchewan Party government was in Houston, Texas talking about investment and development in the province’s booming oil and gas industry. Did you know that over the last 12 months, oil and gas revenues pumped more than 1.5 billion dollars into the Saskatchewan economy? In 2007, oil and gas sales totaled 9.8 billion dollars. With oil at $90 a barrel, and only expected to go up, it’s a great time, to be a Saskatchewanian!

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